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Blogging for Small Businesses

blog-bloggingBlogs are everywhere these days. Millions upon millions of blogs are written on any variety of topics – families, hobbies, illnesses, pure entertainment and – yes – business. Some business blogs are industry-specific; others are company-specific, often a feature on the company’s website.

As in every area of business, some companies use their blogging opportunities well and wisely. Others jumped on the blogging bandwagon but never formulated or executed a plan for the use of the blog.

When used well though, a company blog can help a company create personal connections and foster trust with its customers and potential customers. It can be a powerful marketing tool – a tremendously useful component of an over-arching social media strategy.

A business blog – just a chronological journal kept online – can easily become an archive of press releases and business announcements, lending nothing new to your website other than SEO (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – more on that in a minute). But you own a small business, why not use that blog space to personalize your company and your brand? A truly conversational human “voice” will go miles toward creating relationships with those who come across your site on the internet.

I mentioned SEO above – search engine optimization. Another reason we love a well-thought-out company blog is SEO. Search engines love blogs. Fresh, dynamic website content is a Google/Bing/Yahoo favorite. Your blog posts are additional chances to sprinkle those great keywords into the mix of the website.

But above all, blogs are your chance to speak with your customers – sometimes, even before they become customers. Give them an insider’s view of your business, make them feel involved and special. Give them a head’s up on changes around the office or the store. Share with them your good fortune and thank them for their continued loyalty. Let them know the extent of your expertise. Tell the story of how your business came to be. Introduce your employees.

Small businesses can use blogs as a direct line to their customers. By your company’s very nature, it is personal – use it to your advantage.


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