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TweetDeck Adds Major Facebook Functionality

fb-ms_frontTweetDeck is K2Media’s favorite Twitter desktop app. It has a very easy-to-use dashboard and readable deck, allowing for the management of several different Twitter accounts. There are other Twitter apps – like Seesmic – that have a solid following, of course, but TweetDeck (at least, so far) is for us.

And now, the news that TweetDeck is adding even more functionality with regard to Facebook. A while back, TweetDeck added some Facebook integration, allowing users to post to their own Facebook profiles from TweetDeck. But they couldn’t use TweetDeck to see Facebook.

A new version of TweetDeck (v0.30) is set to launch this morning. Now, users can set up columns and groups for Facebook friends, update Facebook Pages, view or add comments and likes, see who?s tagged in photos, watch photo slide shows, and mouse over user avatars for additional options like updating the user?s wall or sending the user a message.

It may sound confusing or overwhelming in text – and, frankly, when users first set up multiple columns and accounts in TweetDeck, the visual and informational overload is pretty staggering. But after a short while, it becomes very manageable. (If you need some help, just let us know!)

Another addition to TweetDeck in this 3.0 version is the new TweetDeck Directory. TweetDeck has categorized Twitterers into column-friendly lists, segregated by categories covering pop culture, politics, journalism, sports and more.

For those still using MySpace, TweetDeck has you covered in version 3.0 as well. You can now use TweetDeck to monitor your MySpace friends and to update your own status.

Other new TweetDeck features? There are plenty in this release:

  • Drag and Drop photo sharing ? Simply drag a photo to TweetDeck in order to post it on Twitter, Facebook or MySpace.
  • TweetPhoto has replaced TwitPic as the default photo sharing service.
  • Improved interface ? UI now groups features by service and also simplified the update window so you can simply paste or drag and drop a link into the main space and it?ll automatically be shortened and added to your tweet.
  • Minimize to tray ? Adding the ability to keep TweetDeck running but minimise it to tray. This is one of our most requested bug fixes.
  • Click on a hashtag to create a new search column and see what people are talking about immediately.
  • Add your account details to use your own account when using as a shortener in TweetDeck.
  • Quick Profile ? Simply enter a Twitter name to view profiles in TweetDeck.
  • Open to non-Twitter users ? Users must now have either a Twitter, Facebook or MySpace account

If you Twitter – and now, if you use Facebook for more than just casual personal use – we highly recommend that you check out TweetDeck!


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