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K2Media Presents on Social Media at IREM KC Meeting

Kiran and I had the pleasure of attending today’s monthly luncheon meeting of the Kansas City chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM KC). About 90 folks were trapped in their seats at Meadowbrook Country Club while we spoke about social media and how it could help their businesses.

IREM KC Social Media PresentationThe basics of the presentation were, well, basic. A lot about conversation and engagement. A lot about the changing dynamic in marketing, the shift from broadcast to dialogue. Got some really good, thoughtful questions at the end – love people who really think it through enough to ask meaningful questions!

But there were a few things that set this presentation apart from those we’ve done in the past.

One, while this was an industry association meeting, the industry itself varies – commercial property managers work with residential leasing, office leasing, warehouse/industrial leasing and retail leasing. And that’s not even taking into account that half the crowd were “friends” of IREM – service providers such as cleaning services, landscapers, snow removal, reconstruction and remodelers and the like.

We generally pepper our slide decks with relevant screenshots of well-done social media profiles and blogs (and sometimes, not-so-well-done profiles and blogs for discussion purposes). Examples within a relevant sector of business makes attendees sit up and take notice (we hope). Today’s presentation included slides ranging from the Facebook page of a multi-billion dollar international conglomerate to the blog of a paving company. Hope we didn’t bounce around too much in our thought process!

The second big difference in this crowd was that these were all B2B businesses. (Although we did talk a bit about how retail property managers can use social media – some solid crossover into the realm of B2C there.)

IREM KC Social Media PresentationAmazingly, we have spent the last month having conversation after conversation with each other, with clients and with prospective clients about social media for B2B. (Sidenote: loving this blog Social Media B2B – check it out!) We’ve got some B2B irons in the fire right now – and hopefully a few more will be added to the fire soon. We see this sector as very challenging and full of creative possibilities.

As we said in a conference call with a prospective client this morning and repeated again at the IREM lunch, anyone can sell sexy – it’s exciting to figure out how to sell unsexy…

Anyway, always fun to meet new people and help them start to figure out how best to use social media to their advantage. Big thanks to Brad Ashley in the local office of CB Richard Ellis for inviting us today!


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