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Google+: Initial Thoughts

It’s been a few days since Google launched its nascent social network, Google+. I’ve spent a little time bumping around, collecting friends, creating Circles in Google+ now. I don’t know that I’m ready to make a pronouncement about it yet – other than to say I don’t see it as a Facebook killer at this point but it’s entertaining to watch social media types around the country proclaim it to be the next, best thing.

Google+ is certainly in its infancy and can make many, many changes as it evolves (as Facebook does). So to pronounce it the winner or, conversely, DOA at this point seems premature. I can say that it takes a bit more thinking that most current Facebook users probably have any interest in doing. Its differentiators (namely, the ability to sort contacts into Circles and to share messages with the public or any single or combination of Circles) aren’t the things that I see most current Facebook users clamoring for.

For me, Google+’s stream is a bit much. A mix of Twitter (with public messaging by some and the ability to follow without being followed back) and Facebook (where there are more private messages and people I know in “real life”). It’s all sortable, by Circle. Right now, though, that feels like a lot of work. Especially when all of the people on Google+ are already people I follow on Twitter or am friends with on Facebook.

I’ll reserve final judgment though. Google has plenty of time to tweak and revamp its service. I’m not convinced yet – but I’ll keep an open mind.

I ran across this video with an interesting perspective on Google vs. Facebook and the involvement of search. Something to watch for:


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