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Giving Thanks: 2011 Style

2011’s not over yet but I’m definitely in reflection mode already. And, with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, it seemed the right time to give it up for the good things that came our way this year.

We’ve had an amazing year here at K2Media. We were lucky enough to continue relationships with several clients who have been with us from the beginning – clients that we’ve come to know and consider friends. And we were blessed with the appearance of over a dozen new clients on the roster in 2011 – many of whom have just begun to dip their toes into the social media waters. We’re excited to help them continue to expand their social media thinking in 2012.

After manning a “virtual” office for several years, K2Media took office space for the first time in 2011 – at College and Metcalf for a few months, we’re now settling into our new office home at College and Nall.

KCKidsFun continues to grow and grow – partnering with more advertisers than ever before, attracting more unique visitors than ever before. We are thankful to still love the little web property than spawned our business – and that Kansas City’s parents seem to love it too.

Big, big thanks this year to the Kansas City Business Journal and its managing editor Russell Gray (and to our friends who originally suggested us to Russell). Our Social Media Matters columns have run twice a month in the Business Journal since April 2011. We hope that they are helpful to Kansas City’s small businesses. We appreciate the chance Russell gave us to reach out to the community in this way. The partnership has been fulfilling in many different ways and we’re looking forward to continuing it into 2012.

Thanks to the Social Media Club of Kansas City, the Enterprise Center of Johnson County, the Webster University Executive MBA program and the Kansas City chapter of CCIM (which is a bunch of very cool commercial real estate folks with fancy credentials) for asking us to present to your groups this year. (And to those who called us afterwards to talk business!)

Thank you to YouTube, Spotify and Hulu – which keep me company on many a late work night.

I didn’t tell Kiran I was writing this (how’s that for good business partner communication?!) but I’m sure I speak for her when I say that we are collectively thankful to have been blessed with amazing families. The McKinneys, Rosses, Bohons and Chandras – and the various extended outposts of each – are the best anyone could hope for. Our kids – George, Henry, Maggie, Charlie, Harry and Rekha – are challenging, crazy and so, so awesome. Our husbands – Jason and Ryan – are, well, challenging, crazy and so, so awesome.

And, finally, I’ll speak only for myself this time, I’m thankful to have a kick-ass business partner and friend in Kiran. Our friendship is well over a decade old. Our business partnership is newer, was almost accidental at the beginning and is a terrific balance. I lucked out.

Humbled by a multitude of blessings in 2011. Can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us. (Assuming, of course, we can make it through the holiday madness in one piece…)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

~ Kate

*photo courtesy of flickr/bbaltimore




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